Deportation: Immigration Court

Many clients often ask me what can I do when I am being faced with deportation? What will happen? Can I stay in the U.S.? Don’t I have rights? Do I have to be represented by a deportation immigration lawyer? These are very common concerns.

Let me first begin by saying you have a right to represent yourself. However, you would be a fool to represent yourself. In fact, I will take it another step and warn you against hiring a lawyer who does not have vast experience in this area of law. Immigration is a very complicated and ever changing area of law. You should always be represented by an experienced Immigration Deportation Lawyer. I formed Gursoy Law Firm with offices in Brooklyn, New York and Newark, New Jersey with one purpose in mind.
That purpose was to help people who could not help themselves. So, take advantage of all rights you have in immigration court. To do that, you must retain an experienced Immigration Deportation Lawyer. Let the Gursoy Law Firm do your talking and represent you and help you stay in the U.S. legally.