Finding an Immigration Lawyer in Brooklyn, NY

What is the best  way to find a lawyer/attorney to represent you with your immigration case???

Great question . . . . The answer is usually not as easy as it may seem, as it may be somewhat time consuming.


Immigration Attorney Queens

The selection of a lawyer can often make the difference with how your case turns out.    I often ask myself a similar question when it comes to researching the services of a professional.  I can tell you that most people (myself included) often used the internet as a starting point.  Thereafter, it’s usually a wise idea to then look for reviews online pertaining to the services.  However, you may want to keep an open mind when perusing through these reviews.  You should be on the lookout for positive reviews of course.  However, I am skeptical about any product or service where there are nothing but positive reviews (100 % five star reviews for example and not a single disappointed customer/client) .   One begins to wonder about whether these reviews are made up.  In fact, the NY Attorney General has even sued certain business for having posted fake reviews and/or reviews that were bought.  Some critique in reviews is actually comforting.   Let’s put it this way  . . . .  Perhaps as much as you love your iPhone and think that it is a impeccable product, there are likely many  (perhaps Android lovers) that would disagree with you.  That doesnt mean that one is right and the other is wrong.  However, one should evaluate a service or product based on the totality of the factors and then weigh such factors with your individual need.  Keep an objective mind.  Naturally, if there are 100 reviews with 95% positive reviews and 5% that may be disappointed, I would likely pick that over 50 reviews which are all positive.

After narrowing your search, you should then schedule an appointment to see the lawyer and discuss the details of your case through a consultation.  Some lawyers may charge for a consultation.  My office does not charge for consultations just because some people may not even qualify for any benefits.  Naturally, these can be over the phone and at times, an in-person consultation is necessary.      

My opinion is that one should only make a decision after meeting with the lawyer and his support staff.  Make no mistake about it, one should also get a feel for the support staff as many communications will likely be through the lawyer’s support staff.  The support staff of a law firm is a very important factor to consider.

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