What do I need for an Investor E2 Visa in New York City or New Jersey

Our office has successfully filed countless numbers of Investor E2 visas for our clients throughout New York and New Jersey, as well as elsewhere throughout the country. In general , clients usually have similar questions, which I thought I would talk about in this blog.

Usually the Frequently Asked Questions related to an Investor Visa (E2) Visa have been the following:

  1. Is there a minimum investment required? Do you have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars?
    No. There is no minimum investment requirement. We have filed E2 Visas for individuals who have invested as little as $25,000. Yes . . . Twenty Five Thousand Dollars. Although a “substantial amount of capital” is generally required, this term is not defined. In my experience, a case-by- case analysis usually determines what is a substantial amount of capital.
  2. What type of business must I invest in order to be eligible for an Investor E2 Visa?
    In short, there is no specific type of business that is required. Our office has filed for investor E2 Visas for a wide range of businesses, including hair salons, grocery stores, thrift stores, gasoline stations, pool construction, restaurants and many more.
  3. How long does the process take?
    Individuals that choose to take advantage of premium processing (expedited processing) can do so by paying an additional fee. In that case, the application is processed within 15 days.
  4. Can my family members also benefit from this status?
    Yes, your spouse will also be accorded such classification also, as well as any children. In fact, the spouse can obtain work authorization and work anywhere such spouse pleases.
  5. Will I get a social security number from the Social Security Administration?
    Yes. Both the applicant and the spouse can apply for a social security number and receive a social security card.
  6. Can I get a New York or New Jersey driver’s license if I have an E2 Investor Visa?

These are generally some of the more popular questions that are asked. Our government needs to remember that we need to welcome foreign investment. Our nation was built on foreigners who have had full faith in our economy and as such have invested their hard earned money herein.